7-Secrets of Staying in Love

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For Singles and Married out there, I will be sharing my thoughts on the secrets of staying in love. Happy reading…❤

Everyone desires to be loved, but very few understand it. Love can bring the best or worst out of anyone. For those who wants to stay in love or have the desire to show love. Here are few secrets to staying in love…

  1. Love is like a flower bud; it needs to be nurtured. To stay in love, you need to spend quality time to nurture it. The grass will always be greener if watered and nurtured than when neglected. Your partner is your grass, nurture her and she will bloom.
  2. Constant communication can never be over- emphasized. I always say that communication is the blood of any relationship. Without communication, there is no relationship. Even when love is going down the drain or getting ‘cold’, communication has proven to be able to help revitalize it.
  3. Love relationship, especially marriage is about two forgivers. Remember, ‘to err is human, to forgive is divine.’ It is a fact that we are mostly hurt by the person we love the most, hence the person you love most requires the greatest forgiveness because that is where the most hurts will come from. I know forgiveness is usually not a ‘so easy’ discussion. That’s why I quoted the first phrase. If you are going to love, then you must be ready to forgive your partner. One of our friends once told us that ‘he has forgiven his partner the things done in the past, present and probably in the future.’ I think lovers should practice forgiveness in preparedness to what may eventually come. It’s called forgiveness in advance! I do same and it works. You have to love enough to that extent. It’s the truth!
  4. Love brings out the best and worst in people. So, while you may be angry with your partner, yet let these words be of help. “Be to his/her virtues very kind; be to his/her faults a little blind”. In essence, you should learn to overlook weaknesses and focus on each other’s strength and virtues. By this, the anger would be short-lived.
  5. Speak kindly to one another and also listen attentively to each other. Learn to also appreciate one another.
  6. When you are apart, keep knitted with each other, send short messages (sms), make calls, send pictures of how you are dressed per time in his/her absence (I know most men don’t remember to do this) , but keep connected. And when you re-unite as a married couple, always make it remarkable. Spend time alone, making love as such re-union is often remarkable!
  7. Lastly, keep on loving at all times over and over again! Remember that love is an action word, make a choice to love your partner at all times.

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