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Making Your Life & Relationship Work

Assessment & Research-Based Interventions

Join thousands of individuals and couples across the globe who prioritize their mental health and relationship wellbeing for everyday life.

Unlike the traditional approaches to counselling, we offer a scientific assessment of couple’s relationship that will pinpoint areas of strengths, struggles and challenges as well as proffer necessary interventions in which couple can achieve their greatest growth so they can move forward to a place of strength, reconnection, and hope.

You can schedule for either hourly, weekly, monthly or marathon couple therapy.

Put Your Mental Health First

Never hesitate to improve your life and your most important relationship with clinically research-based tools and resources.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Never do marriage counselling without a scientific, research-based assessment as a crucial component to providing the appropriate treatment.

Clinical Interventions

No guesswork or trial and error, our interventions are square pegs in square holes or “nuts and bolts” approach that blends every aspect of your life and relationship.

Core Specialized Services

We are specialists providing support to couples, individuals, and/or families on many issues in addition to couples therapy, including trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, addictions, blended family and affair issues, and more.

  • Individual Counselling – Becoming The Best of Yourself
  • Pre-Marriage Counselling – Building A Life Together
  • Marriage Counselling – Making Your Marriage Work
  • Affair Issues – Rebuilding After Infidelity
  • Conflict Management – Dealing With Conflict
  • Relationship Checkup – Scientific Diagnosis & Analysis  

Meet Tunbi Olabisi

Sometimes talking to someone who is independent, can help bring a fresh view on relationship and life’s difficulties. 

My role as your counsellor is to get to know you and offer a safe, confidential, supportive space, for you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and the choices available to you.

Relationship Checkup

Building and healing a relationship like yours is both an art and a science. This clinical evaluation is built on decades of award-winning research combined with world-renowned therapy expertise, we’ve created a set of powerful tools for individual, couples and therapists, to help you build a relationship that lasts.

Why wait any longer?

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Clients' Reviews

Counsellor Tunbi helped us see things in a new light and also different ways to handle our lives as couple. We feel so much stronger and happier together.
Chioma & Smith Eke
Each time I leave Tunbi’s office, I am glowing with gratitude. What a privilege to have such a wonderful person/ resource in our midst. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to find peace and joy in their relationship with self and others.
Lynda Adekunle
“We found MarriageAid when we were looking for help to deal with some problems that were affecting an otherwise loving relationship. We weren’t sure what to expect from relationship counselling, and our main concern was to find someone who seemed down-to-earth and realistic, and who could connect with us and identify with our problems. This is exactly what we found with MarriageAid.
Mr. & Mrs. Yakubu

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