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Making Your Life & Relationship Work

NO MATTER what’s stopping you from having the life  and relationship you desperately want, @MarriageAid, we have seen it before and have what it takes to create the life and relationship you love.

What We Do

Starting A Home

The honeymoon phase never has to end. So, we focus on transforming nearly newlyweds into competent love birds by teaching the principles for making marriage work.

Conflict Management

We're focused on dealing with conflict from start to finish. Either a fight, a disagreement, an argument, or feeling disconnected from your partner,

Relationship Building

We will diagnose your marriage with our scientific tools, analyse and help you understand the state of your relationship and get the help you need to improve it.

Infidelity Recovery

Consult with our team of expert and receive therapy from experienced, licensed practitioner, empathetic, non-judgmental, compassionate, and highly-trained therapists.

How It Works Is So Simple


Book Appointment

Make an appointment with a therapist and get confirmation immediately.


Set up Your Goals

You’ll be guided on the various options for your best interest and decision making.


We Work It Out

We provide a wonderful model for helping to create a firm foundation for a long-lasting and happy marriage.

How We Serve You

Seize the advantages of our virtual counselling session,
it offers great results at affordable prices, saves traffic time
and receive the professional help you desperately need at your comfy.


Individual Therapy

Gain Clarity of Yourself, Purpose and Relationship


(For Online Session Only)

60 Minutes Per Session
Personality Profiling

Couple Therapy

Deepen Friendship, Intimacy and Share Life Purpose and Dreams


(For Online Session Only)

90 Minutes Per Session
Individual Profiling
Couple Profiling

Marathon Session

For Busy and Distant Couples (5-Hrs on the Go)

Call For Price
5-Hrs on the Go
Individual Profiling
Couple Profiling

On-site/physical session attracts different charges!

Individual Therapy


(For Physical Session Only)

60 Minutes Per Session
Personality Profiling

Couple Therapy


(For Physical Session Only)

90 Minutes Per Session
Individual Profiling
Couple Profiling

Relationship Repairs That Work

Whether your goal is to be happily married, deepen connection with your spouse, manage conflicts, disagreement and constant arguments or preserve your marriage from infidelity, abuse, and other forms of crisis, you can find a variety of relationship videos of top relationship experts for any marital challenges.

We use research-based principles for making marriage long-lasting and harmonious.

Tunbi olabisi

Meet Tunbi Olabisi

Sometimes talking to someone who is independent, can help bring a fresh view on relationship and life’s difficulties. 

My role as your counsellor is to get to know you and offer a safe, confidential, supportive space, for you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and the choices available to you.

Relationship Checkup

Building and healing a relationship like yours is both an art and a science. This clinical evaluation is built on decades of award-winning research combined with world-renowned therapy expertise, we’ve created a set of powerful tools for individual, couples and therapists, to help you build a relationship that lasts.

Why wait any longer?


Amazing Results

We are happier together now
My wife and I cannot speak highly enough about our experiences with her. She's patient, doesn't take sides, doesn't throw her own biases and is solely focused on the two of us. It cannot be an easy thing to do on her part. Especially with the level of acrimony she sat during the height of our drama. I guess that's what she's trained to do. Wifey and I are in a much better place, working through our issues together after a very intense 6 month period. We got through it with the guidance of Tunbi at MarriageAid. I advise any married couple going through difficulties to just make the call. You've got nothing to lose!
Ọnuọra Abụah
Thursday, August 19, 2021
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Expert at what she does
Tunbi is a really good counsellor, she basically broke down all the hurdles we'd passed through. She profiled me just right. We started working on us and she made sure to check on us often.
Andrea Liquo
Tuesday, Mach 22, 2022
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-06 at 11.04.11 PM
I got answers and I am happy.​
Getting counselling from them was one of the best decision I made. I got answers and I am happy.​
Tomilola Ojo
Friday, February 11, 2022
My marriage is working NOW!!!
It was an amazing experience for us as a couple. It is one of a kind. We learnt a lot of things that will shape our understanding of what marriage really is. The time was worth it.
Adeshola Bankole
Wednesday, March 22, 2022
A 5-Star!! Premarital Counselling
I give a 5 Star!!.....very lovely Service. My FIANCÉ and I had a good time and experience. So many educating ideas to Groom us ahead of marriage.
Okunade Folake
Thursday, April 22, 2021
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