Good Communication Precedes Good Sex

good comm

One of the ways we express love to our spouse is through sex.

God created us to give and receive love. Our bodies are designed to experience pleasure, ecstasy, intimacy and even much more through sexual exploits.

However, we have different things that can inhibit us from enjoying our sexual relationship as desired or designed. Top on the list is mind reading or assumption which communication is an antidote.

Communicating the hindrances or things that can stimulate sexual intimacy is a right step in the right direction. Conversely, some couples still find it odd to use the s*x word.

 Ironically, it is impossible to develop true intimacy without communication! Communication is an essential skill in love making and a huge enhancer to your sexual enjoyment.

The truth is, if you do not know your partner, you cannot experience the true depth of sexual pleasure. Knowledge can also be acquired through the act of communication.

What are the tips that enhance communication about Sex?

  1. Establish a healthy communication styles that will improve your emotional bond. This will ease the challenge of seeing sex as odd topic of discussion.
  1. What you don’t know, you can’t share. Take time to discover the things that gives you pleasure. What are your expectations, preferences and things that makes you connect sexually? Share your discoveries with your spouse.
  1. Your spouse knows what triggers them sexually. Let them be free to share these with you without fear of being labelled, criticized, blamed or put down.
  1. Build your love vocabulary and create time for romance in your relationship. During this period, draw words from your love vocabulary that will endear your spouse to you. Tell your spouse what you like about him/her.
  1. Be honest and open to each other. Share your difficulties and together find a solution to it. Enjoying sex is the contribution of the two individuals.
  1. Sex is also visual, communicate your desirability to your spouse through your dressing. Let the environment infer passion. Indulge in touching even during dialogue.
  1. Love talk is a good lubricant in love making. Make talking part of your foreplay while paying attention to the non-verbal cues. I.e. what makes your partner moan or groan during sex.
  1. Communication is a skill that requires practice and feedback. Ask questions on how you are faring sexually, genuinely listen and keep improving.

Lastly, everyone has a need, a quest and a desire for sexual fulfiment. You can only know this and be able to actualize it if you talk, listen and allow each other to give tremendous pleasure. Sex is not what you take in marriage, it is what you give!

Kindly leave a comment on how communication has or can improve your sex life?  


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