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Are you searching for the best marriage counsellors in Nigeria? You can choose Marriage Aid to identify your perfect life partner. In addition to offering matchmaking services, we provide marriage counselling and mentoring solutions for our customers. You can also make use of School of Marriage service to learn about the act of marriage and relationship skills to make your marriage last. 

As one of the most reliable marriage consulting services in Nigeria, we are committed to offering the best 

solutions to all types of people irrespective of cast, creed, color and ethnicity. Our motto is to make this world a better place to live for all couples. If you want to get married or stay happily married, you can seek our expertise. Marriage Aid is a secure platform that promotes seamless communication using advanced tools. 

If you are looking for the ultimate marriage consulting services in Nigeria, you can contact Marriage Aid

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Marriage Counselling

Almost every marriage starts with a huge celebration. Each couple with family and friends are full of hopes and dreams for the couple's future life together. However the road to a happy marriage is far from being easy thereby many couple opt not to complete the journey.
Our marriage counselling session (online or offline) are designed with you and your spouse in mind. The goal is to help individuals or couple to resolve personal, psychological or marital problems. Our experienced marriage counsellors in Nigeria help you solve all problems in a perfect way to lead a fulfilling married life.
We offer professional marriage counselling services in Nigeria with utmost care and dedication to help you learn the art of addressing conflicts and challenges to restore trust, love and mutual respect in your marriage and life.

Marriage Aid offers online premarital counselling for the benefit of those in distant relationship as well as physical counselling for our clients.

Premarital Counselling

If you have been the victim of business or commercial fraud, our attorneys can help.

The Marriage Course

If you are charged with DUI or other serious traffic violations, you can count on us for representation.

Marriage mentoring

If you have been arrested for a drug offense, our experience drug crimes attorney can help.

Relationship Suites

If you have got injuries that lead to physical, emotional or financial harm, we will help you.

Speaking Engagement

We represent minors charged with a variety of crimes and offenses in the Family Court.

We Provide Solid Law Practice

You get an outstanding representation and support on different legal matters.

Passionate & Empathic

We have experience in defending the most serious life offense felonies and criminal charges.

& Licensed Psychotherapists

Our counsellors are well experienced, hands-on and professionally handle every case beyond clients’ expectations.


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Justiss Co. team have successuly handled many cases where client didn’t know what to do. We prove our professionalism by our happy clients and their recommendations. We help you believe in a successful result. We aren’t afraid difficulties and challenge ourselves every day.




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