Meet Tunbi Olabisi

Tunbi is an experienced and licensed Human Resources Professional for over 15 years & a Relationship Specialist driven by a strong desire to help people develop healthy connections with themselves and others. No wonder, many have a strong impression about her as someone who is not just approachable, but also kind-hearted.

Tunbi is a trained Affair Recovery & Trauma Specialist and a Research-Based Couple Therapist from TGI, Washington, USA. She’s also a Certified Marriage Mentor from the Marriage Mentoring Academy, Seattle; a Certified Counselor; an Associate Member of Counsellor Association of Nigeria (CASSON) & Africa Network of Professional Counselor (ANEPCO), Tunbi is also an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) & an Associate Member of Nigeria Institute of Training & Development (NITAD) and an alumnus of Lagos Business School (LBS), Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) and MRDC. Tunbi studied Economics as her first degree.

She is an experienced professional counselor and speaker with an intuitive and analytical approach to pre-marital and post-marital counseling as well as affair-recovery specialist. She’s had outstanding results to show for this.

She is an author of Marital FirstAid a relationship guide for pre-marital and married people and Boy Meets Girl; a book that focus on teaching adolescents the basics of relationship.

A Counseling School Faculty Member, the Managing Director of Life & Relationship Synergy Ltd and currently work as the Lead Consultant at MarriageAid and she also serves as a Counseling Partner at Marriage Matters International.

Her slogan in life is “Life Is All About Relationships”