Valentine: More Than A Gift


One of the most celebrated season is here again! Valentine is well sorted by most singles and even the married are not exempted in its celebration. It is a day that is generally accepted as lover’s day. Some partners are lucky enough to renew their love, others may not be that lucky. It is a day when people do both imaginable and incredible things just to have a Val or discard the present partner to allow a new one.

These things happen year in & out, yet the lessons from history has not be learnt. If Valentine is just a day out of the 365 days in a year, then it shouldn’t be the determining factor to evaluating one’s partners love or subject a promising relationship to heartbreaks.

Likewise, the season has been associated with giving of gifts which is understandable because it is impossible to love without giving. However, we often stereotype giving to tangible gifts wrapped fancifully or neatly packaged in a box. It’s not uncommon for lovers to exchange gifts and special moments at such a day like this, while absence of gifts may be a source of conflict or bone of contention in some relationships.

This has become expedient for us to therefore dissect what a gift is or represents. In my opinion, a gift is something you give someone as an expression of love, appreciation or kind gesture. It could be one of the ways of expressing your feelings towards the other person. Therefore, giving gift is an action! And it plays a very important role in relationship building.

My hubby is one of the few people I know that finds it difficult to decide or pick a gift for me even after giving lists of things he could pick from. This is one aspect of our lives that has rarely changed until I introduced another perspective to the word ‘gift’! Giving of gift, as simply as it may sound has really been a big issue in some relationships because what gift means to person A could be different from person B.

In my bit to not want the issue of giving of gift become a kind of tussle in relationships, I decided to write on ‘More Than A Gift’, but my focus is on love relationships. Gift is expected to be another means of expressing how you feel towards a person with or without using words; this implies that gifts speak volumes, hence it can serve as a memorial. In other words, anytime the recipient sees the gift, there is a thought-rush of the giver. This explains why, gifts must be thoughtfully chosen, because the recipient sees the giver in the gift!

However, the essence of this post is to address the thought that gift must be expensive and tangible! Do you know that the most expensive gifts are usually not the ones that money can buy? Gift includes the thoughts behind the giving, the time taken and the energy that accomplish it in the bit of seeing the expression of the recipient glow with smiles that leaves an indelible mark on both hearts.

I have heard before that some people don’t appreciate gift, however, I have also come to understand that finding a suitable gift that meet a need will constantly attract deep appreciation from any persons. Crossing this line is unconventional and it means giving something that is more than a gift.

A gift is expected to meet a need. No matter how expensive it is, if it is not meeting a need, then it becomes worthless or ridiculous.

Give a gift with a purpose! Identify why the gift is important from the point of the giver and the receiver

We must understand that the most valuable gifts are not from the store, neither are they the ones that money can buy, in fact, such gifts cannot be wrapped. The most valuable gift is such that comes from the heart, offered as a reflection of care, but not compulsion and most importantly it mirrors the appreciation you feel about the other person.

Make everyday a gift and every moment count. Everyday can actually be a Valentine, it is just your choice.

Recognize the fact that your partner is a priceless gift and that you are a gift to each other.

Treasure your union above all,  your union is a greater gift for each of you.

Whatever moments shared are memorials. No tangible gift could be more than this.

Visit the places you have shared memorable moments physically or in your mind and recount it together, no gifts could have been this expressive.

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